Easel learning curve?

I’m a lifelong amateur woodworker, also enjoy building computers plus I’ve recently jumped into the multi rotor RC hobby, have built two wooden quads so far. I’ve thought for years how nice it would be to have CNC capability for wood, then I stumbled upon X-Carve.

The X-Carve looks very interesting, I’m seriously considering purchasing one. I have zero cad/cam experience and wonder how difficult Easel is to learn and how robust it is. At present it is only available to Shakeopo owners…is there anyway a non owner could take a look at it?




You can check it out here…



Hi @GriffCarpenter you don’t need to be a Shapeoko owner to use Easel. It is free for everyone. You can make an account, login, and try it out. The software is straight forward and easy to get started with. If you have familiarity with a tool like PowerPoint you can probably pick it up in one sitting.

Thanks, I didn’t (obviously) even try the link. Will give it a whirl tomorrow.