Easel Limited Fonts

Should be getting the remainder of the parts for my X-carve in the next couple of days. While I’m waiting, I have been trying some things with Easel. I notice that it only comes with a limited number of fonts. Anyone have any ideas on where I can find more?

Many fonts are licensed property and it’s not as simple as adding them in.

If you use design software, you can import any font with a .svg.

Thanks JDM for the info. And thanks Phil for whatever it is you were trying to do.

Pretty sure what Phil was trying to suggest is that had you clicked on the little magnifying glass icon on the top right of the page and typed in the word “font” you would have seen a gazillion topics on this already.

It wasn’t a dig… just friendly advice.


I read this forum every day and hardly ever need to post. Not because I do not need advice but because I read the forum and almost every thing possible has already been discussed. Now if you read something and need clarification then ask in the post that has original information with the same problem. If you have a new problem then of course post it, we will help and if nothing else it will bring attention to what can happen. but really use the search it will save you time and do a much better job as most do not like to repeat the same thing over and over.


oh yeah also forgot “Welcome to the Forum” I hope you really like this cnc stuff it is a lot of fun.

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