Easel link is a wrong length

guys I am having issue with posting project, this is first time I am posting
after inputing all info and pictures it gives me an error " Easel link is a wrong length"
can someone help how I can fix this issue?

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Is your easel project shared?
Not sure what error it’ll give if the project isn’t shared, but this too is a common issue.

I cannot even create a project gave me error during publishing. See attached picture

Looks like you never entered the project url?
You can’t publish a blank project.

Are you just trying to create a project to carve something? You just want to go to Easel here:

The “Projects” section you’re in is for sharing your completed projects with the world, if you choose.

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it shows blank after click
this is what I am inputting

Did you create a project in Easel?
Can you post the link here?
“Welcome” is a word. There will be a randomish string of characters for your Easel url.

This is not the project link.

You need to go into the project, then navigate to projects>share and change it from private to unlisted and copy that link.

However, the better method is simply going projects>publish and publish here, then you can go over to the published project on inventables site and make all your edits, that’s how I normally do it…

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Thanks Seth for the help.

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