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Easel Live: Thanksgiving Leaf Garland

We have a team of people at Inventables that all work in different departments that have come together to form a project team focused on making it easier for people to get started 3D carving.

Last week they did a little experiment they called “Easel Live”. I walked by while it was recording live and I was blown away. It was so cool. They had one person on camera, one person adjusting the lighting, cameras, and demos, and two people outside the room that were answering questions in the comments. It was an all hands on deck operation. It felt like a TV show being broadcast live from our office.

They had 20-30 people that were watching on YouTube asking questions in real time. The first show has been archived up on YouTube so you can watch if you missed it.

I was so proud of the team. This was an idea they came up with and executed. It looked like they were having a blast doing it too. Please let me know your feedback on this first attempt.


More More !!!

Great stuff @Zach_Kaplan . Be sure to pass along kudos to your team!

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Cool thanks. What did you like about it? Do you have any constructive feedback for them?

I liked it. Was easy to follow… I am sure if I was following along “live” the time wouldn’t feel as long (40+ mins of video can be long…). I suggest that if they are going to post the event after the fact that perhaps some video editing to shorten it into a quick “executive summary” of the topic may prove worthy… of course a link to the full version is welcomed as well.

I find watching and listening to someone walking through a project is an extremely beneficial way to learn … if the Easel team is willing to take on suggested future topics I am sure the forum could easily play a role in suggestions…

Thanks for sharing!

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Excellent!! @Zach_Kaplan More of these would appreciated. Perhaps a series going into all of the features of Easel. I find it much easier to learn from a video like this one than reading textual information. Just want to say that I think Mo did a great job!!


Well done Inventables! It’s nice to see how your team uses the image trace, combine and edit point tool in their workflow.

I too can see a whole series of videos with different projects focusing on different Easel tools becoming a huge learning resource for us all.

I for one don’t mind the full length video as long as it is informative. I usually watch videos like these while cooking, washing dishes or doing other mundane repetitive tasks that require little to no concentration.



@Zach_Kaplan, that was great! I learned a lot from the video - please keep them coming!

One (very minor) suggestion, is to use a different mic. The mic that was used picked up ambient reverb from the room. Maybe a clip-on mic would work better? AdaFruit and SparkFun produce a lot of videos, maybe reach out to them and ask what works for them.

As far as future topics go, I’d like to see:

  • Using Easel to create PCB boards
  • Using Easel to create 2.5 D pieces (not just 2D, but pieces with height, like the clock that’s in the showcase bookshelf behind Moe, or typography maps, or lithopanes, etc…)
  • Using Fusion360 in conjunction with Easel
  • More “this is how we made this showpiece project” videos. For example, the bookcase behind Moe displays a clock with a “2.5D polygon face”, a serving tray for a bottle and glasses, a street sign, a box with dovetail joints, etc… each one of these could be a video on its own.




Just watched the video and greatly appreciate it. Like others I agree that more on varying techniques would be very beneficial. And yes, Mo did a great job in explaining the processes.

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@Zach_Kaplan this is fantastic. This is a great easy tutorial for people starting out. I can’t speak for everyone, but myself I’m a visual learner and repetition definitely helps.please keep these coming!!! This is a fantastic avenue to travel, so many things you could explore like making different borders, making dividers to pockets, depths, combining items, inlay tutorial.

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