Easel local not running?

Hi Guys, I like to design on my home computer and carve from my computer in the shed where my x carve is. Problem is neither computer recognises my x carve and I have to run through machine setup again and tell it which com I am running on. It then takes me to the Introduction Carve with the symbol and my Name and I have to reload my design before I can carve. Of course if the computer is not actually connected to the x carve, setup will hang at the com port section, so I have to do all my design work with the wrong settings for my x carve. I thought that this may be because easel local wasn’t loaded but as far as I can see it is on both computers. I any case I went to the easel local download page and could not download easel local as page was unavailable. Any ideas out there?

Hi Robert,
Yes, I’m running Windows 7. I tried searching for local 0.2.2 and was unable to find anything.

Here is what you’re looking for

local 0.2.2

Thanks Robert and Glenn. I think that has fixed it. I found the local files but the directory was incomplete. Reloaded from the link and all seems OK. Vic

Although I thought this had fixed the problem it intermittently still happened. I finally discovered the problem. I sometimes started easel by googling “easel carve” and clicking the link, which was Easel . This does not set up the parameters from easel local whereas accessing easel via Easel – Inventables, Inc. does load the parameters from easel local. Hope this helps others.