Easel Local not working

I have a rather irritating issue and nothing has helped so far. My machine was running great before, but all of the sudden easel local isnt working for me anymore. I install and run easel local on my computer. I try to connect my machine to the easel software but all I get is an error saying I need to install easel local…BUT I ALREADY DID. If anybody is able to help I would greatly appreciate it. I have already tried going to them about this issue but I got fed up after emailing them for a week straight not getting any sort of help from them. Yes I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling. Yes I have re uploaded the firmware. Yes I have done every sort of common sense step so far. Having paid them $1,500+ of my money it shouldn’t be this complicated or annoying just to get the damn thing to connect.

This happend to me a while back and I had to download and install an older version of easel local. Give it a shot, can’t hurt.

I’ve tried this still isnt working. It worked perfectly one day the next it just asks me to install easel local. Why update something when the old version was working just fine? This issue has happened to a lot of people and it’s quiet frustrating.

It can also happen if your computer did a Windows update and created a conflict in doing so. It may be worth checking to see if that could have happened. Just a thought. Also try calling Inventables. I have had stellar response from them via phone. They can connect directly to your computer and take a look at what may be going on. Good luck, I hope you find a resolution soon.

Thank you for the response, since posting this I’ve managed to get easel local to work somehow. But now the xcarve wont connect to the COM port. It’s listed as #4 but no matter what I do it denies access when trying to connect

what operating system are you using? that would be a great help as to helping you get your machine to connect. as windows and mac take a different approach to the communication ports.