Easel Locking Up COmputer Mid Job

I am running a job that has worked before without issue - but on Tuesday it stopped mid job - twice. Once at 3% complete, the other @ 80% complete. The system just stops. I attempt to do the 3 finger salute (Ctrl, Alt, Delete) and there is no action, no response, the computer is locked up. I have to power all the way down and reboot. I am getting ready to rerun the job again today - but rally am getting tired of throwing away material.

UPDATE - Attempted the job again. It got to 37% before stopping and locking the computer. I pulled another laptop out of the office and am running again to see if it a computer issue. It took much effort to get the USB to work with this computer. Job now running.

Job ran all the way through with a different laptop. Now to debug what happened to the Win7Pro laptop that was working fine until Tuesday afternoon.

The problem returned again - same project program - stopped at 44% and locked the computer. Had to do a power off to reset the PC. Running the job again, cutting air until it stops.

@ RobertCanning - I assume you are talking about the Easel Driver? 0.3.2 is what shows up in the Machine Inspector

@ Philjohnson - One of the first things I did with this computer when setting up the system in January was to kill all power management, including the USP power management.