Easel locking up XYZ when the wrong direction is pressed

Hi I’m new to working with easel I have just brought a Genmitsu 3020 pro. I have a project dxf file set up with all the cutters zero Z. As I understand one bring the xy to the front left side in so doing if by chance I press the wrong direction in x or y it cuts off access to the xyz jog and I have to start again. Is there a way of switching them back on to complete set up or do you have to go through it all over again. thanks for any help.

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If you jog into a limit switch your cnc will lock. You need to unlock, rehoming will unlock or you can open machine inspector by pressing crtl+shift+D and send the command $x to unlock the steppers and jog it away from the limits, after jogged away you should rehome

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