Easel Machine set up

I am a total beginner to cnc machining, in fact until I was recently given a Woodpecker cnc3 -3018pro machine I didn’t even know what cnc stood for. However I am now keen to get started with simple sign carving.
Regrettably, apart from its name, I know nothing about the specifications of the machine to be able to fill in the machine set up information on Easel.com x carve program. If anyone who is familiar with this machine could help me with the initial program set up I would be most grateful.
Many thanks

I don’t know anything about the 3018 but I have seen a few discussions on that machine. Try searching 3018 and you may find some information on this topic that could help. Someone on this forum will have some good information to get you going. Welcome to the forum
Good Luck

Don’t do it. The machine is not an X-carve…don’t run the machine setup. It will override some defaults on your machine. You can still run the machine from Easel.

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