Easel making lines thicker

How can you make the lines thicker. if I was to make a circle the lines are one size how could I make this line wider/thicker

The lines in easel are based on the width of your bit. If you need something wider, I suggest designing outside of Easel, importing the SVG, then using the Fill option. on that particular layer.

You use two circular objects, both aligned on top of each other. Set the larger circle to your intended depth and set the inner circle to zero depth.

thank you

thank you both

Another example a failure on the part of Easel. I’m sure this failure in the ablitiy for the user to customize will not be addressed, just like all the others.

You could also make an offset and set the inner circle to 0 depth and then combine the circles … you would then be able to use a smaller bit to generate a wider cut