Easel/materials question

Hi everyone, new here. Looked all over the forum but could not find a straight answer for the following specific question, so hoping someone can help. If using Easel, would it work only and exclusively with materials sold by inventables? Would I be able to buy materials at say, Home Depot? Would Easel work with other CNC machines as well? Thanks for your help in advance, Kiara.

You do not have to use the materials sold through Inventables.
I buy pine and poplar from other sources as well as used plastics and flat-bar aluminum from Home Depot.

Easel might work with other systems if they support GRBL

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Hi Kiara,

You can use Easel with just about any material… you just need to experiment with the settings to optimize them for the material you want to use.

I’m not sure if Easel works with other CNC machines.

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Easel works with the Arduino programed board. (You can get any arduino board and load the firmware on it)
It has a GRBL loaded firmware. This firmware is what easel talks to.
I do not think Easel will work with other systems.
You can however as I and others have connect drivers to the arduino board with no problems.

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Bob I have no clue to what your talking about?

It would if someone created the CPU map for that CPU. Then you would have to recompile it. assuming the pinouts are similar enough.
Right now it only works with the 320P and 2560 chips

I actually have one of those arduino 101 boards.
I will see if it will work.
It may take some time as I have to create a header file that does not exist.

It will take a huge effort to get the 101 board to work.
looked at it in detail the wdt.h file does not exist for the 101 and it is required for the GRBL.h
So it looks like unless someone wants to code for it then it will not work.