Easel... new features breaking old features

So it appears that every time something new is added to Easel, one of the existing features disappears.

currently I have noticed that the preview image in on the “projects” bar has gone back to the Generic easel image.

the “close” button is gone from the page when importing G-code…

and that’s just at-a-glance stuff I’ve noticed.

Try opening the project and forcing a new save. The preview may just need to be regenerated with the new Workpieces feature.

Yeah… I tried to force the save … logged out and back in… nothing changed…(which is why I posted what I did)… Today however the preview images are back, so… network glitch?

haven’t checked the other note, but even if the “close” button is gone, its not really a huge issue with the new “workpieces” feature…