Easel no longer connecting to machine

Not sure what’s going on this morning Easel was responding very strangely: First no matter what I did the probe detected the plate so had to set material height manually. then once I was ready to carve it would not do anything, one time going thru the carving right after I set (0,0) went back to PC and the page exited had to go thru carving steps again, I also noticed that if one presses the emergency button and then tries to carve the use previous (0,0) is not retained and machine randomly picks a 0,0 and machine needs to be rehomed. Currently turning the machine off and rebooting the PC Easel cant reconnect to machine. Attaching a gif file with developer console errors. Hopefully I can export the g-code and use UGC Sender.

The above should have red “the probe would not detect when touching the plate to the bit”

Ok so now getting errors when trying to generate G-code:

Multiple people are report the same issue this morning. I figure it’s on Easel side.

Well just booted into Ubuntu and I got it to carve but still could not get The probe to work so setting 0,0 manually

It may be related to windows updates it did today.

I just downloaded and installed what seems to be a new driver and now connecting to x controller and no more error while trying to do tool paths