Easel no longer slow

Well Inventables, I owe you one big ole apology for complaining about how slow Easel was/is. It wasn’t Easel at all but my old, slow, dog of a computer. I broke down today and purchased a brand spanky new computer with the latest CPU processor and now Easel flies! I can’t type as fast as Easel writes now. Sorry Inventables, trying to save a buck or two I purchased an old slow used 32 bit PC and have been paying for it ever since. Once I got this new 64 bit PC up and running I couldn’t believe how fast Easel is. So fella’s if you are having speed issues with Easel and you have an older PC you may want to bite the bullet like I did and purchase you a new PC. Like me you will be glad you did.

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What are the specs of your brand spanking new shinny expensive computer? And desktop or laptop?

It is a desk top Lenovo brand computer with an Intel core i5 cpu 650 @ 3.20 ghz, 4.0 gb ram, 64 bit operating system. In addition to that I purchased a 24 in LG monitor. Computer and monitor set me back 475 dollars and some change.