Easel no longer works for me

Thanks for updating the drivers
Easel no longer works for me
Ran perfect 100% until i was forced to update the driver.
Why? I don’t know why. Why cant we just stick to what’s working?

“No need to worry about configuration - just run installer and you’ll be ready to carve”
Is completely false

Thanks a lot

Dear friends. Some are extraordinarily experienced. And, like me, some don’t know which end is up. All of us share a common goal: creating/carving. Empathy and consideration will benefit all.

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Have you tried a java update or browser update as well?

So, do you need something or just wanting to complain/blame something? If you need help getting your machine to work then you need to be more specific (from what driver to what driver?, what OS? any other info that may be important.) or if you just want to complain/blame then good luck your are on your own, maybe someone here can send you a puppy (seen it happen). Let us know if you want to start the fix it process. there a lot of good people here that will help if you ask.

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P.S. I just spent a few hours last night compiling the new 3.2 driver for Linux so I can use it. If it fails or gives me trouble I will not blame anyone, I will check for new updates try to isolate that problem and then if all else fails contact inventables and this forum and ask for help. Have a lot of hope and good wishes going your way friend.

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This thread seems unusually hostile. The forum is normally a friendly place.

I’m more than happy to help if I am able.

@JDM I don’t think there is hostility on this forum. The OP isn’t really asking a question… so its difficult to really ascertain what exactly he/she wants…

Looking at GamerGuy’s history … it seems that he/she has been having an on-going issue with Easel since September 2015… at some point you got to just saddle up and take the issue in hand. We all know Inventables’ Customer Support goes above and beyond with their support, so coming onto a forum, spouting a few words and then disappearing for months does not sound like someone that is open to working on the situation. Calling the company would make sense to me…

Hopefully I am wrong and GamerGuy is open to learning from those on this forum. I should also state, that no one on this forum is obliged to share or offer any information, but they do and I am grateful. And I as I have stated time and time again, was the number one reason I bought the X-Carve.

Anyway… enough of my rant… As you were everyone…



You have to look at the larger picture.
at least 90% of the people here are using the same stuff. (except the computer and programs)
Its not the easel driver. it works for me without a hitch and I update it every time.
I think the issue could be the system and what is on it.

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No need to ask the forum

Call the company

Ok I am not going to touch this thread anymore.


Hi folks,

Thank you to those who reported issues with connecting to their machines. Yesterday, we discovered an issue where some users were connecting to Easel through https://easel.inventables.com (note the https). We have been working to get Easel to work over https, but that work is not complete. In particular, Easel, when loaded over HTTPS currently does not connect to the local driver.

Until we complete the work to make Easel function correctly when loaded over HTTPS, we are redirecting from https://easel.inventables.com to http://easel.inventables.com. We made this change yesterday afternoon, so those of you experiencing this issue should now be able to connect.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your patience (and your error reports) regarding this problem.