Easel non cut areas

I did start my first real Project in Easle.
So far I have designed my “Box” in 123d Design converted the Parts to 2D and exported it as SVG. Now I have arranged my parts in Easel and am confused by the “non cuttable areas”.

You can take a look at the project here: Easel - LIghtbox

As you can see some of the mortises are red and not cuttable at all whereas some are. I do know that tight corners in the mortises and tenons will be needed to be recut by hand but this does not explain why some mortises would not be cut out at all. Additionally some straight areas do have red marked pieces as well. For example the very edge of the tenons on the first piece.

Did someone have the same issue or knows how to fix mine?

I would be grateful for any help.

Weird, I thought that would be a common issue. Seems no one did have it or is able to help. Will try the support directly.

I think that your problem lies in the file itself. While it is an SVG and you can change the order and what not, the inside boxes (that are to be pocketed) are a part of the outside SVG so it is just one SVG. If you try to cut outside, you’ll cut outside all of the lines, you cannot do inside of the pockets, and outside of the part.

Does this make sense? I’m hoping I’m making sense.

And I may be wrong but I briefly looked and figured I’d try to help since no one else has replied.

It does appear to be an issue with the SVG import. I don’t exactly understand why it is having an issue with those sections. Two ideas for you int he meantime:

  1. There is a box maker app in the Easel app store you can try.

  2. You can delete those elements and replace them with rectangles of the exact same size and exact same position within Easel using the rectangle tool and the precise positioning tool on the floating shape menu.

I also added this to our issue report to be reviewed by our software engineering team.