Easel not connecting to my new machine

I recently bought a Workbee CNC from Bulkman3D. It came with a CNC xPro V5 controller, and I can not get it to connect to easel. My computer says everything is connected and it’s being recognized, but when I try and add the machine to easel, I get to the com port input, and then it just sits there doing nothing. I’m just trying to move my unit so I can finish the mechanical installation. All drivers are downloaded and installed. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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Try another sender to rule out an issue with easel.
I prefer gSender.
Make sure all other programs are closed when you attempt to connect.

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are you using USB to connect? I know the ProV5 offers a few connection methods, but Easel is only going to work via the usb connection method…

Also you can go into device manager and under the “Ports” section you can see which com port the CNC appears assigned to. To check this you can unplug and re-plug the USB cable and see which one disappears and re-appears.
IF this is com 1-3 I suggest going into the advanced properties and forcing it to an unused number 4 or higher…

I am using a usb, changed the port to 5, nada. I called easel, they don’t know enough about the controller to do anything. I cannot find anything pertaining to this issue online either, I’m quite bummed out.

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