Easel not connecting to X Carve (SOLVED)

My machine had been connecting fine, but now when I click the “carve” button, easel is not recognizing my machine. I went through and downloaded/installed the FTDI chip drivers. Still doesn’t work. I looked in my device manager at the ports, and the machine is showing up as USB Serial Port (COM4). I was under the impression it would list the machine more specifically than that? Could this be the problem?

I get this sometime as well, I just unplug the cable that goes to the controller and plug it back into my laptop and it will find it.

Thanks for the reply Steve. Tried that several times without any luck.

Is the x controller powered up, green led and fan running?
If not check the emergency stop button.

SOLVED. I contacted inventables today, they remoted connected to my computer and removed firmware preventing my x controller from communicating properly with my lap top.


Is there any follow up on that…
I am having the same issue.