Easel Not Connecting To X-Carve (window PC)

I will try again, I did assemble everything and looks great.
following steps in instructions, electronics, calibrate, drivers and now Machine Setup.
that is step where I got stocked now, Easel can’t connect to xCarve, stops on COM selection.
Please help or point me to correct thread.
I can’t find anything, but Mac problems.

I just connected my X-Carve to a PC last night and it was definitely more complicated than hooking it up to my Mac.

What I had to do was install the Arduino IDE which will install the appropriate drivers. I then went to my device manager and under Ports (COM & LPT) found what COM port my Arduino was on.

yes it was one of steps in instructions: Drivers
so I did http://prntscr.com/7v11kk

and shut off antivirus and windows firewall,…
following instructions placing all needed info http://prntscr.com/7v13ij and getting

when I look at power supply, on arduino housing, there is 3 green lights on and off with 5 sec period and 1 blue light is always on. Any ideas if i is how it should be? or what to do?

actually, they blink when this process is running http://prntscr.com/7v139i

otherwise there is 3 steady green lights

tnow this makes me sad :smile: hy noone is replying to my problem? am I only one who can’t connect easel to machine on PC?
please help, it’s 4 days as I’m trying and trying to get help.

Call or email Inventables support directly:


The forum is mostly a place for X-Carve enthusiasts to chat with each other, you’ll get a great response from the Inventables team if you contact them directly.

thank You @PeterJames , just got off the phone.
Guys are awesome, machine is up and running whurraaaaayyyy. :smile:

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Archil, what did you do to fix it? I’ve been having the same problem the past two days and can’t connect to easel.

Hola ArchilTophuridze, Tiene mucho suerte por conseguir. yo he parecido a ArchilTophuridze (COM3), No puedo conectar callallete a la maquina en la PC

Hola PeterJames y no puedo llamar por telefono porque yo vivo en españa y soy Sorda ( no oir) por eso necesito soporte :tired_face:

Por favor ayudarmeeeeeee…

Trate de emailing help@inventables.com y tal vez tener a alguien que le puede contestar en español.

I was able to fix it with some help from customer support. I think the problem was two fold…my arduino and gshield were not seated properly because the enclosure opening wasn’t low enough, and second, my Firefox browser wouldn’t allow easel to connect to the machine.

just call them they will help or do the remote assistance. mainly you have to flash something

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We have a new driver for windows you can download it here

Hola Yolanda, soy nuevo tengo ya mi x-carve, hablo español y soy de México si aún necesitas ayuda que ya es algo tarde para este mensaje tal vez. Saludos,

Buenos noches, soy yoli. por fin por ya estamos hablando español X-CARVE, si me necesito ayudar… tengo muchas cosas de duda (bronca para madera y medida)

Agradarme. Un saludo

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Yoli aquí estamos para ayudar o porque no también pedir ayuda… Saludos,