Easel not recognizing X-Controller until computer is restarted?

So I have this issue sporadically and I can’t really seem to determine what causes it. Running Windows 10, and I always keep it updated. I have the most recent Easel drivers. Our PC stays on in our shop, though I leave it in sleep mode when we aren’t using it. Randomly, I’ll head out to the shop, wake up the computer from sleep mode, open up Easel in Chrome or Edge browser (the issue is persistent no matter what browser is used), and Easel won’t show that the controller is on/plugged in. I can unplug the USB from the controller multiple times and I’ll hear the sound cue that Windows has recognized a USB device being plugged in, but nothing.

Now then… I can load up Liteburn software and it has no issue recognizing that the controller is plugged in, and I have no problems using Liteburn’s “move” interface to move the x-carve carriage in any direction, but Easel just will NOT recognize that the thing is connected! The only way that this can be resolved is by restarting the computer, and then Easel has no issues with recognizing the controller being plugged in then. This is really more of just an inconvenience than anything because I can still use Easel eventually, but still…

Has anyone else had this issue? I thought about disabling and re-enabling my USB devices through Device Manager last night just to see if that would fix the issue but it still wouldn’t fix itself until I restarted the entire computer (not just exiting and reopening Chrome - that never works).

Do you have something else open (LightBurn?) that is connecting to the controller? Anything making an attempt to connect in the background?

No, not when it happens. Typically I’ll open up LightBurn after the fact just to see if the USB connection is even registering at all. That’s when I’ll see that other programs like Lightburn are able to see the connection and interact with it, but not Easel.

Chrome might be running something in the background. Have you tried using the task manager to close all of it. Beyond that, I don’t know. I don’t use Easel unless I’m testing something for someone here, but when I do, it always connects.

I get this issue on my Mac.

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I could try that. I usually close Chrome via the normal way but I don’t go into task manager after to ensure that it’s been closed completely. That being said, the issue is persistent across multiple internet browsers, so I’m not certain how Chrome would affect the other browsers…? Unless it’s locking the port or something I suppose… next time the issue happens I’ll open up task manager to see if Chrome is completely closed out.