Easel not responding after carve is complete

Anyone else having issues with Easel not responding to commands after a carve? Since last week, after a 25 minute carve, once complete the machine will go back to home and I can select good job or bad job but that is all, I cant raise Z axis or move the X or Y. I have to refresh the page every time, then I can move things again. Also, once this is done, there isn’t a “use last zero” to continue a second part carve.
I’m using a new PC, I have screen saver turned off and I’m hard wired for internet. Everything was fine up to about two weeks ago.

you can go into machine inspector and check for any alarms… likely there is an alarm and this prevents you from continuing without clearing the alarm status, but if you do see the alarm you can better determine what is causing the alarm.

Thank you for the information!
I looked and in the State box it says alarm. How do I clear that? Or am I looking for something else to clear?

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Below that box in the commands section they’re will be an Alarm number, what is that number?

To clear alarms you can send “$x” command and it’ll clear any alarms out

Thank you for your help!
I called inventables and Jenna walked me through it also. Looks like I haven’t been clearing the browser history and the it was full. Cleared everything and so far carving like a pro!

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