Easel not retracting on z-axis prior to homing

When I preview the tool path in Easel I can see that at the end of the cut the tool is not retracting above the part prior to homing. If I simulate the file (which was created in Fusion 360) in UGS it shows the tool retracting properly. Am I doing something wrong? Can I alter the code in Easel or should I be running it from UGS?

I forgot to mention that I am brand new to all of this and to be honest, I didn’t know I could set a safety height. Even under the “Advanced” settings, I don’t see anywhere to set the safety height. Sorry for my ignorance.

Thanks Phil. Don’t know how I missed that. It is set at 0.15in. I used the Inventables (Easel) post.

I haven’t gotten to the actual carve yet and other carves have been fine so I don’t think my problem is mechanical. I will take your suggestion and swap out the set screws for shcs and loctite.

I am just looking at the Easel simulation and seeing that I have a problem. Here is the link to the simulation where you can see that the final homing comes from the bottom of the carve instead of from a retracted z-axis. The current path will crash into the material on the interior of the carve line.

Once again I have to confess my lack of knowledge. I haven’t figured out how to get at the gcode within Easel. I can get to the exported file from Fusion, but it shows a different simulation of the tool path.


Here it is.

That’s all there is on the end of the file.

I am using manual control of the DeWalt 611.

I am working in inches.

Maybe I should dry run (no workpiece or bit) the code and see what happens at the end.

The file is too large to post.

Zip it

There are no negative Z’s in the file. It looks like z=0 is at the bottom of the material (or very close to it).

I will reload the post processor and resave the file. Thanks for all your help Phil.

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My origin is currently at the bottom of the model. I didn’t really think about it when I made the model. I can go back and reposition it to the top of the model.

Phil, thank you so much. Moving the origin to the top of the model worked! The simulation looks good and I will do a dry run to be sure. I will make sure all of my models have the origin on the top in the future.

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The dry run also looked good, so I think I am good to go. Thanks again.