Easel not working with update

Anyone else have issues with easel not jogging after this new update? I go in to easle and try to jog the machine with the new controls or keyboard but nothing. Went thru new machine setup and can’t get the com port to connect but when I go on to sense the safeties it moves to the safeties so it is connected… Any ideas.

I am not having any issues.

Hi @TeresaMcclure - definitely reach out to our Customer Success team if you haven’t already!

My machine stopped working after update. It will go through the homing sequence, but other than the homing sequence I cannot get any of the motors to move. I will reach out to customer support tomorrow.

I stopped working after this update as well, it won’t connect at all.

Did you find a solution to your problem? I tried customer service but they cut bait and stopped trying to help me once they found out I upgraded the rails. It is clearly a software or firmware problem and I was just wondering if anyone has found a fix.

I reset everything and it is working correctly now. Some how safeties were set at different parameters then they should have been.