Easel or Easel Pro, which way to go?

Can anyone tell me the difference between the two programs? What can’t I do with Easel that I could with the Pro version? I have Illustrator for all the fonts I want, so what else might I want/need? Thank you for any help.

Fonts and the ability to use v bits to vcarve. That’s the main two items. Raster feature is another one. I think that’s about it. Maybe someone can think of any other features.

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Thanks Phil. Are v-bits something that comes with the x-carve or need to be purchased separately? And since a person who has Easel gets four carving days per month does that mean they can V carve during those days or not? You can probably tell that I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. LOL . I’m just trying to get this information to help my husband.

V bits need to be purchased separately

Yes you can Vcarve 4 days a month. Its 24 hours from the time you start.

EDIT: Sorry Cheryl I forgot about that announcement they made in July, I wouldn’t pay for an internet based software. I purchaed VCarve desktop and PicSender a few months ago to start using because of the good reviews that I saw online and the ability to do 3D carves. You may want to do some research on them.

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I believe that the Inventable policy changed in July. For new customers you get a 30 trial period to use Easel Pro. Prior to July, people are grandfathered in to the four free days. Please make a comment if this information is incorrect.



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@HaldorLonningdal @PhillipLunsford
Well that sucks, so when someone buys a new or used machine they have to pay to use Easel Pro if they want to use the V carving feature. Some people may only need it a couple times a month so the 4 free days was nice.
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Most people are using the XCarve as a hobby and you are right the four free days was perfect. As much as I use mine I still manage to only need the four free days. Should I need more in the future I will just go to VCarve. I’m upgrading to the Pro version this Christmas

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Hello PhillipLunsford,
Am i right in understanding that one can use another cam software like VCarve and just use the free version of Easel to do all thier carving?

If you are using VCarve you can generate the gcode and save that gcode in your computer. You can then open the gcode in Easel and carve the project. Be aware that you can not change anything in Easel. You can only carve it. If you need to change anything you will have to go back to VCarve to make the changes.


Easel and Easel Pro are both a 3in1 package, designed to be seamless:

  • Design phase (CAD)
  • Generating tool path/gcode phase (CAM)
  • Sending gcode to machine controller

Different CAD programs with CAM-module can do the first two steps just fine, and the exported gcode can be imported to Easel and Easel now act as the sender of code.
This require that you in the CAM-phase use the appropriate Post Processor (aka gcode translator) that is a compatible with Easel. Gcode have many “dialects” and PP´s bridge this gap.

One can also use other programs to send gcode, like Universal G-Code sender (UGS)


I use CNCJS to send my g-code that I generally make in V-Carve Pro to the x-carve. Easel was great for quick projects (and I know some people do amazing things with it), but I often want to do 3D things and that’s not doable in Easel. Easel isn’t a great “sender” as senders go. CNCJS or UGS are both way better (they give you a pseudo-DRO and other handy features, plus most of the better senders have better preview function which is handy for spotting stupid mistakes.

Thank you for the information! Not sure if we’re ever going to need anything more than easel for what we plan to do but time will tell. :slight_smile:

Also keep in mind that VCarve has its own sender, VTransfer, that will send directly to the XCarve controller.

Hi Russell

 How do you get on with VCarve and PicSender? like you im not keen on an internet based solution but struggling to find a good simple solution so any pointers would be great :)

Hello Mr Alan and welcome to the forum,
I have just been practicing with VCarve and haven’t sent any jobs yet. A lot of people on this forum use VCarve and PicSender and have no problem with them. I just need to learn the software. If you have a question just ask here and someone will answer.

When I discontinued Easel Pro I lost my free days so not sure they are still giving them!

I dont know how Inventables handle that scenario but they did change the Pro free pass availability in July this year. New registered users after July 2020 get a 30day free trial period, while existing users from before this date can continue to use 4 free days each month.

Ask them :slight_smile: