Easel or Upgrade?

I am considering purchasing a 1000m X-Carve, but was wondering about software options. Easel is free, but would it make sense to take advantage of the machine bundle discount (i.e., $174 savings) and purchase VCarve Pro right out of the gate? What are the advantages of VCarve Pro over Easel? Aspire isn’t in the budget. Thanks.

In a word, Yes! I just purchased my 1000mm XCarve. I also took advantage of the software discount, but I purchased Aspire.

I used Easel, until I upgraded to a bigger machine. Easel was great for a learner, such as I. I really didn’t even know what a CNC was when I began my journey, so Easel taught me a lot and is great for what it is.

If, however, you have some experience with design and the concept of a separate controller and it’s in the budget then I would definitely go for vcarve. Everything is easier and faster, and you have local file storage so you don’t have to rely on internet. Vcarve is really great and in the end, wasn’t actually that difficult to learn, much to my surprise.

I bought mine about 2 years ago with V-carve pro and have been learning the machine with easel until a couple weeks ago when I decided I should learn the expensive software I have been sitting on and I am sorry I didnt start sooner. It is prettty easy to learn with youtube tutorials and so much more powerful with the features it has. I have also been sitting on a jtech laser for a year I am finally trying to figure out grbl and gcode senders to utilize. Everything has a learning curve even easel but lucky for people like me that buy things I want with no clue how to use them, there are many very helpful people on here to walk you through things and help when needed.

Watch tutorial videos for each product.

Vectric has more options for generating a precise tool path. it supports carving and 2.5 and 3D tool paths that easel doesn’t.

Easels win is the ease of use. Simple things stay simple and it’s integrated.

I wouldn’t give up my vcarve unless you pulled it from my cold dead fingers.

I purchased vcarve pro with my 1000x1000 xcarve. I’m saving to purchase aspire. I don’t have time to learn CAD so vcarve was perfect for the added cost. I did a lot of homework before I made the buy and I don’t have any regrets.

I use fusion and artcam But still find myself using easel quite often

Yes! Get it now when you order. Once you see all the things that X-Carve can do you will be glad you did.