Easel - Please Add the Bits You Sell

I do not think from a software development perspective, it would be too difficult to add all the bits you sell in your Shop to the Easel Software. This would make it far easier for your customers to use, and it would give you another avenue to sell your bits directly from inside of Easel. I know this is a question/feature that has been requested for over a year now, and for someone who is new to the Inventables Community, I think would be in your best interest to add these bits to the software.
Make it part of your product release, when you add a bit to the store, add it to the bits you can choose from. You could even make it a perk to Easel Pro. While I am at it, I think it would also be nice if the bit selection depended on material selection. Not limiting, but highlighting what bits are made for what material. It is obvious you already have the database for it from your Shop side selection parameters, but I think it is something that would take the Easel product to another level.
Thank you!


Two things:

  1. every non-Vbit bit they sell, from an Easel perspective, is just change the cutter size. They don’t do anything special for flutes, cut direction, or round vs flat. So it’s a lot of work for very little gain. Even Vbits aren’t that much either, it’s angle and width.

  2. any bit can be used on any material if you understand feed rates, depth of cut, RPM, etc. bits may be optimized for certain materials but they are not restricted. The minute you associate a bit to a material like that is the second you get people complaining “I bought this bit to cut wood but you say it’s only for acrylic”…

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Agreed, and I’ll go further. Add ball end options and anything else a lot of people use. If you want people to use Easel, make it useful. It’s been an awful joke for years, and the updates happen at a glacial pace.

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