Easel Post Plug in

Can anyone help me with a better guide to getting the f360-easel.cps to function?
When I attempt to navigate to where the file is supposed to plug-in it wont show me the correct path, I assume because Fusion is installed as a cloud application? I manually tried to stick it in through fusion post process window, but it says it won’t function when I try to post it.

Phil I guess 360 was taking an extra long time to put the file into my cloud.
I’m going to try and run it now.
Also. I took a long break from my x carve because of my job, I never was able to upgrade my table with the 40mm trapezoidal leads I bought- here is the status and what will be happening:
I decided to build a completely new Mill- once I make the mill then I can use that mill to upgrade the X-carve-

All laser cut tubes, T-slot framing and laser cut plate and machined plate.
30mm square slides, ball screws, closed loop 12Nm motors from Leadshine and Vital systems controller and Mach4
No welding- upgradable, and strong enough to cut harder materials should I desire to put parker planetaries on the motors and a bigger spindle.

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