Easel post processing plug in for fusion 360

i am not all that computer literate and i cant seem to get the processor add in, in fusion 360? any walk throughs available

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I just did this last night! If you go to Easel and click import > g-code you can select Fusion 360 and there is a link to download the post processor and instructions for either windows or mac.

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yeah, i couldnt get it to be an option for post processing in fusion 360 though. i finally somehow got it to work.

Same here. struggling with learning how to do something simple in fusion.
This one helped a little:

and kowning where the postprocessor file is suppose to be placed on windows:

Still looking for some guides to learn more about this.

How do one place where on the workplace of the cnc to carve the fusion object? when I import the gcode it seems to place it right down at 0 on the workplace. what if I want the object carved more in the middle of the workplace of the carving machine?

0/0 is relative to where you make the home position so you set that before you carve, then it will work from there, so set the home position where ever you want on the work space. my current issue is getting the g-codes from fusion to work properly in easel. seems that the depths are off and it carves way deeper than i have my model set

how do you set home position?

Have you adjusted “heights” in fusion?

ive just used easel so far as a post processor since im kinda computer dumb and thats the only one i can get to work. so when you go to carve with easel you set the home position to where ever you want it. ive adjusted heights in fusion, default is 10 mm and i reset it to 0, that seems to work but seems to still be off, maybe thats my issue

have a problem with depth as well, but mine seem to be off exaclty the height of my material. so when I hit 99% it touches the material just before it gets to 100%