Easel Power Hour

Hey Guys,

So I’ve designed a project for the Easel power hour, it was something i was thinking about making anyway so it was worth doing either way. I’ve designed a pair of book shelf speakers, i’m still finalising the idea but here is a link to the project.

The thing is, I use a much quicker and more aggressive cut settings than the recommend ones. To get my project to cut under the 60m time limit I need to use a minimum speed of 1550mm/m (61"/m) and a depth of 2mm and a plunge of 300mm.

Is this too aggressive for the challenge? This isn’t something i really have time to build right now and if it would be dis-aloud from challenge then i would put the job on the back burner.

My x carve with the phantom screw thread upgrade and CNCnewbies Z will acutely cut it in about 20 mins but that not in the spirit of the challenge.

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I think inventables said they wanted it to be the factory settings since if someone is looking to buy one it shows it will only take an hour or less to make it. But I think they should have another contest that has like a modded x carve winner with the newer upgrades to show what it can do when applied with new z axis/lifts/belts/waste boards and carve controllers to see what a stock machine vs a modded one can do.

What is “Easel Power Hour”?

Yeah, its not been hugely pushed from what I’ve seen.

Basically its a challenge to design a project in Easel which will cut in under 1 hour. I first saw a video on youtube by Get hands dirty.

I’ve checked the project that she did and that doesn’t use the stock settings so i’m really not sure what is allowable. I think as we already own X carves were not the target market so its not being pushed on the forum. However i’d like to win a second machine, could be handy…

That is odd I even search the inventables website and nothing showed up.

@Zach_Kaplan is there a reason its not being pushed on the forum or website?

I’m sure because we’re already customers, and they’re trying to bring in new customers.

Hi everyone! I’m Maura from the Inventables team. This is a challenge we’re primarily promoting on our social and via the content creators we partner with. You can find the full list of rules here and all are welcome to enter!