Easel Pro Carve Day?

I am planning to carve a small sign and selected a 60 degree V-carving bit. There is a small icon that reads “PRO” adjacent to the V Bits category. When I click on the icon I get this message: “Selecting a v bit enables you to v-carve. Carving requires use of an Easel Pro carve day”. Not sure what that means. Am I required to watch a tutorial or something in order to be able to access the V bit carving software, or does it mean nothing at all?
First Time V bit carver.

If you didn’t purchase Easel Pro then you only get 4 days a month to use the “pro”. I believe v-carve is part of the pro package.

Yep. Scroll down in the box that comes up and you will see the choice to use a pro day. Do that and you can v carve and use additional fonts for 24 hours. (So it’s good to plan a few projects to take most advantage.)

Some Fonts are only available as Pro option as well.

The raster cuts, the ones that predominantly go either across the X-Axis or the Y-Axis only also require use of an Easel Pro day.


Brandon Parker

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Thank you!

Thank You!