Easel Pro + Carvey -> Proper V-bit Set?

I have many excited students ready to carve with the new features in Easel Pro. We have a Carvey in our lab and this week I went ahead and purchased a pair of v-bits to get started. I clicked on the shopping cart in Easel and purchased the two v-bits that were pictured in Easel with the two-color rings. I realize now that those bits have 1/4" instead of 1/8" shanks. A quick call to customer support and I’ve got an adapter in the mail.

So my question is, which set of v-bits should I have purchased? The 1/8" shank set will fit the Carvey without an adapter, but I don’t know if those can just be interchanged without making changes to the recommended cut settings since the photos in Easel seem to show the 1/4" shank set, which has a different cutting diameter.

If the 1/4" shank set is the way to go with Carvey, it would probably be helpful to include a note on the item page that mentions needing an adapter for the Carvey.

Companies will make anything that sells. Usually adapters are a bad thing.

@LarryM I think he’s referring to a 1/4" collet for the spindle. That should be fine.
@BillSteinbach1 Do you use the Easel feeds for your non-vee carving bits on the Carvey?

Ok, collets fine. Just not adapters (ie 1/8 to 1/4 shaft adapter).

To keep things easy, we only work with the four bits that are user-selectable through Easel (3 up-cut and 1 straight-cut).

Sorry. My incorrect terminology shows that I definitely am new to this arena. A collet is indeed what I meant.

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