Easel Pro / Easel : Layer issues?

I’ve suddenly been noticing that if you create multiple layers in EP, or copy/paste from another EP document in to a second layer, the layer you carve will finish carving what you want, but at the end suddenly carve parts of the other layer and ruins the carve.

Anyone else found this?

Especially happens if the second layer you are carving is a different size to the previous layer. Wasted 2 of my 4 days on this already. Starting to think “pro” stands for pro-blems.

However, secretly admitting it’s quicker to v-carve through EP, than bugger about in F360. But only just… still not going to pay for EP… yet.

Hey @MarkBreakspear, no I haven’t had any problems myself, but if you don’t mind sharing the Project I will take look at it and test it for you.

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Thanks @DustinBurton I really appreciate it… unfortunately, I deleted the file as I had several of the same carve and it was getting confusing as I problem solved… However, I’ve been getting the issue fairly frequently, and as soon as the next one crops up, I will share it with you. Again, thanks for looking in to this.