Easel Pro/Easel Toggle Button?

Would it be possible to add a toggle icon or function to the Easel icon or elsewhere so that I can toggle between Easel Pro and standard Easel so that I don’t burn through my 4-day Easel Pro allowance when all I need to do is cut a simple Easel shape/function? I can plan my work to save my pro days for when I need pro functions. If it’s there and I’m missing it someone just point me in the right direction (sorry reading instructions has never been my strong suit).

Hi Scott,

That is not a bad idea! The way it is setup now you would only trigger one of your 4 free Easel Pro days per month if you were to begin carving a project and you had one of the Pro features selected in your project (for example if you had a V-Tip carving bit selected). If you are just carving a simple shape / function with a regular bit an Easel Pro day should not activate. Let me know if you have any further questions.

That make sense as it relates to VCarve bits but what if I choose a font that is in the pro list; are those identified or counted as a ‘pro use’ feature?

Nevermind; they are clearly marked as which ones are pro

When you start to carve an Easel Pro project, it will inform you that your project uses Easel Pro features, tell you which features are in use, and explicitly ask if you want to use a free day or not. It would not be possible to accidentally use an Easel Pro free day.

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This is not implemented yet is it?

It is already implemented.

So the 4 day limit is active now?

Yes, that is correct. As a thank you to those who helped us during the early access period, we gave them extended free access for 30 days after launch.


So just so we’re all clear… the official launch was …3 days ago? The 24th?

Yes - that is correct.