Easel pro help please

ok maybe i missed it somewhere with all that has been going on with the intruduction of easel pro but are we paying for it yet or using our 4 days a month or if we are paying where do we pay. sorry i just an not find any answers anywhere for this.

You are not automatically charged.
You need to purchase, your options appear when you hit Carve on a design the require Easel Pro (V-bit)
You can start 4x 24hrs carve windows free of charge per month, if you need the 5th you can purchase a day pass.
Again - these options will appear when you hit Carve on a Easel Pro project.

i did a couple projects today and it said pro but that was it. i was thinking of subsribing but can not find anywhere to do it. thanks for the info.

@WayneHall, were you part of the “early access” test group?

Hi Wayne,

We gave folks like yourself who participated in the early access period of Easel Pro 30 days to continue using it for free after we launched it publicly. Thank you for helping us!


thank you for the info.