Easel pro large v carving test (worked out some bugs)

I use Artcam but wanted to push easel pro with a vcarving After some fiddling with some memory allocation and trying a few things I finally got it to work. this is 22 inch dia. .5 max cut depth 2 stage carve. .25 2 flute upcut .25doc. per pass 50ipm / 60 deg vbit .2 doc. 75ipm time 1.5 hours.

To save time and get this to work on my computer more memory was allocated to the browser and java which stopped the lock ups and speed up tool path creation. Also no clicking on simulate or preview this saved a huge amount of time. If you have any of these issues there are several tutorials on the internet showing how to adjust these memory settings. Although these setting adjustments are very simple I will not post them here as I will not be held responsible for your actions if something gets messed up.


beautiful work!

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