Easel pro membership

I just got my x carve set up and I’ve been playing around with it. I ordered it a believe I got a pro membership with it as I got a code for the membership but I can’t seem to figure out how to work the pro. My v bits won’t allow me to click on them to use. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Chris,

Are you saying you cannot select the 60 or 90 degree v bits in Easel?

Normally, those bits should be selectable or you should be able to enter a custom v bit angle. Then when you go to carve, you will be prompted to activate easel pro. There is a section at the bottom of that screen to activate your easel pro license key.

If you are having trouble selecting or entering v bits, I might suggest contacting our customer success team.


@JeffTalbot I just saw your response above. I’m new to Easel and the X-Carve. From your response above, are you saying my 4 free days of pro don’t start until I start to actually carve? And that I can use Pro V bits & Pro fonts to design without eating up Pro Hours & Days?

Thanks in Advance,

You have 4 free days per month in Easel Pro.
You can “open” 4 Carve-windows, each are for 24hrs.

You can design Pro-designs all day long, you dont use any of your 4x24hrs except when actually setting up to carve.

@HaldorLonningdal Than you very much. That is very interesting. As I said, I am very new to this. I bought my machine used and have been trying to get it set up for about a month now (no problem with the machine…I’m disabled and don’t move very fast). Anyway, since I got the machine I’ve been playing with Easel every night designing stuff to carve when I get the X-Carve running. I’me a retired electrical engineer, where I designed test equipment to perform electrical tests on our company’s finished products. That gave me an opportunity to learn several CAD packages and a number of programming languages. I found Easel very easy to learn…the only thing I wish there was is a glossary or a wiki of the commands that Easel uses. I’m sure I’ll graduate to Fusion 360 soon…but Easel does quite a bit for a free piece of software.
Thanks again,