Easel pro not showing preview

I’ve been having problems with Easel Pro. Things like the preview not showing, thumbnails not showing, and not being able to start a carve. At first I thought it was a computer error on my end so I tried the usual re-boot. I even tried singing onto Easel from another computer. All my efforts met with negative results. My subscription is due on January 1, 2021, but if this can’t get fixed I won’t be renewing my subscription/
Has anyone had this problem?
Does anyone know how to rectify this problem?

Can you share a project where you’re having the problem?

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Every time I go to generate a detailed view it crashes. I am new to this and have been playing with the software. I don’t even have my X carve yet and this does not give me warm and fuzzies!

Today has been horrible! After the latest Chrome update, Easel keeps randomly reloading, crashing or not showing the preview window. Sometimes I get a “This area should be in 3D” or something quirky to that effect.

What’s going on?

Have you tried a different browser?

Yes! Tried Firefox as well with the same result.

I am having the same trouble today.

“Have you tried a different browser?”

Why would we have to do that? That makes no sense.
“If you want to use this app use a different browser”? WTF

because the users browser settings are blocking WebGL from running and those user selectable settings are likely not configured identically in a different browser.
It is not

Who are you quoting here? Nobody said this.
The process of troubleshooting by testing out a different browser is valid. This test would identify whether the PC has or does not have the graphics capabilities to run the WebGL program which prepares the 3d preview. IF the other browser works then that has validated the PC specs and the capabilities are there, then it becomes a matter of correcting the users settings on the original browser.

Because Ray was unable to run the 3d preview on multiple browsers that is an indication that either the PC completely lacks the specs to view the 3d preview OR the WebGL software isn’t installed, which is uncommon, but still does occur from time to time.

IF you are having issues with the 3d Preview not showing at all I suggest trying another browser OR following the troubleshooting steps here:


Yea, because they deleted their comment. D’uh !!