Easel Pro Park Here

I am using Easel Pro and am fairly new to its use. At the end of the carve, the head moves to the zero point and I am offered the option to Park Here. Not a bad feature, but it only goes back 9 inches in the Y direction, often hitting my hold down clamps. What I would like is for the head to shift in the X direction 3 inches, then go in the Y direction back 12 inches or so. Is there a way to have “Park Here” do this? I have looked in past posts and the G28 and G30 codes are mentioned. Is there a tutorial somewhere on the use of these two codes?

G28/G30 require homing switches and a homing cycle prior to use. Once that is done simply jog to your desired parking spot and in Machine Inspector (CTRL+SHIFT+D or CMD+SHIFT+D) Console window type G28.1 or G30.1 and press Enter

This will store this point as an offset relative to machine zero (homing switches / machine “zero”)

So when the machine is zeroed you can send a G28 or G30 command to move to that point.

To add to Haldor’s comment; g28 and g30 also save the Z position as well.
I have mine near top of Z position.

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Where would I look to get a clue what these codes refer to? Seems like most changes require these codes or other codes with $$ in them. I can’t seem to find a thread that even helps me know what questions to ask. Is it a different program?

There are two things:

Thank you all for the very helpful comments. Much appreciated.

Is this an Easel thing specific to a certain browser? Every time I do this my browser tries to create a bookmark (which should only be, but also works with control+D) I’m using Chrome if that makes a difference

Browser and OS thing, on my Macs is CMD+SHIFT+D