Easel Pro Projects and Suggestions

Hello there,

I’m looking for suggestions for 3D projects that work WITH Easel Pro. I have not tested the vcarve 3D portion and was also wondering if anyone had suggestions as to where I can get a free 3d project to import? Any suggestions would be very helpful!


Easel doesn’t support 3D.

Easel Pro?

Both Easel and Easel Pro don’t support 3D.

Easel Pro only gives additional fonts and V carving.
For true 3d you need another program to create the toolpaths then easel can import toolpaths and carve 3d.

Ahhhhh Two things…

Can anyone recommend a program (maybe free) that will run on a Mac?
Is there a site when I can download a free file to do a test carve? G-Code - I believe is how it goes into easel to carve? (to purchase as well)?


Most people don’t post Gcode because running Gcode that you don’t generate is dangerous and could damage your machine.

You can look into Fusion 360.

Also, Vectric has some demo versions of their software that I believe let you export the trial projects to cut so you can try them.

Thank you so much!