Easel Pro Required?

I never upgraded to Easel Pro but it somehow upgraded itself. I don’t want to pay an annual subscription fee to use my machine. Will I still be able to import G code from Vectric and do V carving? Or will I have to upgrade/ Pay for “Pro”. I don’t carve that frequently and the price is more than I can afford

Also, The mandatory yearly fee is never mentioned in the sales pitch or advertising. That seems unethical.

You get four free days per month if you have had your machine for a while. They just changed their policy I believe July 21. Not sure of the date but after that you get only a 30 day trial of Pro. Before that date you will continue to get four free days per month. I have never purchased pro and do not intend to and I carve several times a week. Also, import g code is not part of pro and you can still do v carving from Vectric. I would suggest switching to UGS. I recently made that switch and it is easier that I thought.