Easel pro to v-carve

I payed

I payed for one year for easel pro and I need to know how to use v-carve pro with easel pro


Just to be clear did you purchase both Easel Pro and Vectric V Carve Pro?
Easel Pro is a subscription cloud service.
Vectric V Carve is a software that will reside on your PC and you own, no expiration, no renewal.

Easel Pro is an Inventables product.
Vectric is an independant software product.

In Vectric you set all tool paths etc, then export this as gcode.
Easel / Easel Pro can then import this gcode and do the gcode transmit to your CNC. (Dont think Easel Pro is required for that)

Correct the free Easel can import g code.


yes I did buy one year in inventables and I also bough v-carve pro

One method is to do all the work in VCarve, save the gcode, then use Easel as a sending program.
But you can also use VCarve directly with the XCarve, using their program VTransfer.