Easel pro z depth issues

so I’ve had some serious issues with z depth during my carves using easel pro. that being the z axis is not raising at all during my carve using v bits. so it just scrapes through the work piece during transition to another spot it needs to carve. I have contacted Inventables on this and basically no help but to say their software team has been changing tool path stuff. so why the hell do they not test and mess with it in a closed environment instead of doing it on here were it effects everyones productivity?!? it really pisses me off. now I need to learn something else that is more reliable. and we PAY for the easel pro services… sorry I’m ranting because I’m frustrated…

Hi Joseph,

I’m sorry you’re having an issue with Easel Pro. We will be happy to reimburse you for any material loss that you suffered due to a problem with Easel Pro.

Our customer success team passed your error report along to our software team, and our software team is actually looking into your error report right now. You will get a direct response from us about your issue. If there is a bug in Easel Pro we will fix it.

We do test all changes in a closed system before release, and we are always working on improving that testing process.


just got aspire…
now to learn that program

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Jeff, thanks for getting back to me. when i talked with Chris via phone earlier, i told him ive wasted a few days already on a paid easel pro thing that i purchased and he didn’t mention anything about giving me days back on it. which is kinda upsetting but hey i get it. what i dont get, is why one day everything works fine and next day it doesn’t. if your team does everything in a closed system, why does it change everything? this is not the first time i have had this issue and have been subject to making sure nothing happens in future carves that i have to wait weeks before i try again. not fair to a paying customer to have to continue to put more money and resources to include material not getting trashed. i appreciate you wanting to reimburse me for material that was wasted while having issues with my carve. please let me know what i need to do to get that information to you.

Hi Joseph,

Again, I’m really sorry you’ve had trouble. I spoke with our CS team, and they are going to contact you directly regarding this. We’ll make sure you get compensated for any lost Easel Pro days in addition to material cost.

We do extensive testing (on top of careful code review) for every single change, but we cannot catch every issue. Usually when an issue slips through, it is triggered by specific factors in the project/design and does not impact a large number of users. We give these types of regressions top priority and assess what we can do to prevent them from happening in the future. Also, as I mentioned, we are working on improving our testing process to reduce the chance of an issue like this getting through in the first place.

This response is exactly why I like Inventables and will continue to pay for Pro.


yea, they took care of my needs and went above and beyond to make sure i understood what was going on, which i got a detailed response from their software team today.