Easel Profile Cuts bug. Cutting Inside cuts last instead of first

Easel has a issue where the profile cuts are cutting first instead of last causing many issues.
Before all inside cuts were done first then the outer profile cut was done.For two days now this has swapped and is running backwards. What caused this and moreso when is this issue going to be resolved? Inventables, you guys are known for great support and this needs fixing asap!

Check now, mine is working as before.

We made a fix for an issue yesterday. Are you seeing this with a freshly loaded Easel today? If so, can you PM me the project URL?

We are continuing to have this issue. Have y’all had other reports? Sometimes our files runs correct others not. It’s quite frustrating wasting material

Hi Sean,

Can you share the link to a project that is not carving as you expect?

Sent you two different files to your private mssg…