Easel Project Lost

A few days ago I completed designing a project in Easel and with my machine on made tweaks and finally was happy with my design. I exited Chrome and shutdown my PC yesterday and when I powered back on I found a project with the correct working are of my project but all the content was missing. Frustrated I worked through piecing bits and pieces back together with the intent of finishing the project this evening. I renamed the project and verified it had saved. Again I shut down my PC and when I opened Easel my project again was missing and only an “untitled” project is there with the right work area and no content. What gives???

I had 30 projects saved including this project, is there a limit? What am I missing here, aside from my project.

Signed sincerely,

Frustrated in my garage.

This is one of the issues I have with ‘cloud’ computing. It auto saves, but depending on the complexity of the project it doesn’t happen instantly.
I haven’t had a project disappear but I have lost hours of work because I had the same project open on two computers.

I honestly had been worried this might happen. I really wish they would make an option to save to PC. It really would make a difference if cloud based is how they want to run the software. Alternatively I may just design everything with Inkscape and the. Import and cut with minimal settings in easel. I was hoping not to have to do that but I don’t like losing work.

I made a few files in V-carve yesterday and uploaded them to send to my machine through easel one of the uploaded projects showed a preview but when I opened it I had a blank workspace. Luckily all I had to do was import the gcode file again. I only use Easel as a sending program anymore so I have everything backed up in the event something like that happened. That and V-carve is much better for making things.