Easel project to Lightburn

I’d like to use the box maker app in Easel and use my laser to cut the project. Any ideas how to do it? I can’t copy/paste the pieces. Thanks in advance.


This looks like a nice site which has a similar box generator. You enter simple parameters about your material and the type and size of the box (whether it is finger-jointed etc.). You then export you box as an SVG or DXF.

The SVG should easily import into Lightburn.

In Easel go to File then Download Zip, this will save the Easel file as an SVG

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Thank you Harry. That app only allows square boxes to be made. I appreciate it just the same.

Thank you also Russ. I forgot that that would work.

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Box generator

I’m sure you can find something to your liking here.

Awesome. Thanks Michael.