Easel project with lightburn? What workflow?

I would like to create projects with both engraving and laser using easel and lightburn. What is the best way to export my easel project into lightburn to run the laser? Is the best way to align the projects by marking the center point on the workpiece and starting the laser from the middle?

If the laser attaches to the CNC as a single machine (like the Jtech or Opt laser), then you can measure the offset (using a V bit and marking a point) and then program in a macro into to move by that amount and then you would just click one button after the cnc Router Carve to be able to Laser.

If you are using 2 machines, as long as you’ve identified the 0,0 AND can align the X or Y so that the workpiece is at the exact same alignment as it was on the CNC (this can be a pain) then you can set the origin anywhere you like, as long as you can line them both up the same… . .

The “best” way is whichever works better for your workflow, this might be center, this might be front left, or even right rear. . . it really depends on the user and the machine(s) in use.

Very helpful thank you.

I have a jtech laser with the front mount and will measure the offset. the macro would go in lightburn is that correct?

In terms of workflow, do i do the carve first in Easel, then open the svg. in lightburn to design and do the laser parts afterwards?

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Exactly on both of those…

also I think there’s jtech tutorials on the offset and the laser mode vs spindle mode macro setups over on their youtube channel in case u needed some guidance along the way.

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