Easel quitting out

I’ve been trying to do a large carve (about 30" x 10"). The problem I’ve been having is that Easel seems to be cutting out about 25% of the way through. Because of this issue, I’ve gone ahead and split it up to do it in sections. I would really like to do the whole thing as well. I wonder if I’m missing an update or something, but I don’t really know how to check. I have upgraded to a 1000cc and I’m using an X Controller.

When I look at which Easel I have it says 0.3.18. I wonder if I’m missing something. Just ran another attempt at an update, but it didn’t work. I just ruined another piece…

share your file so we can make sure the file is good to eliminate that possibility.

VCarve Entire YM Theme.gcode (1.4 MB)

Would this happen after a similar amount of time?
If so, check USB power management which may be set to idle/power down.

I believe I’ve got it figured out. Thanks. Turned out to be internet cutting out and I went ahead and got the Linksys mesh set up.

Internet drop-out do not interrupt carve in progress.
USB drop-out does.

This is usually a usb cable issue. Also it might be caused by electrical interference from the router. Always run the router on the slowest speed setting. that’s all that’s needed. Another thing to look at is have your router plugged into a different outlet than your cnc and make sure neither your router or CNC is plugged in the same circuit as a refrigerator, air conditioner or freezer.