Easel Requests

Easel has come a long way since the first X-carves have rolled out, but here are some easy improvements that would make every users (or advanced user) easier, or maybe just mine who knows.

  • Jog control on the main screen without having to go into carve everytime

  • Home button on main screen

  • The console line sending bar on the main screen (or maybe even the 3 of these item on a pull down tab)

  • and of cause a touch plate button

Most of the issues are just logistical issues that cause the user a lot of time and are easy fixes.

Thanks for listening,

While other programs can utilize other fonts, some folks solely use Easel. It would be nice if Easel could support other fonts. A snap to grid function would be nice, as well as a center in workspace function.

I’d also love a button to speed up the carve… :smile: you know, like in all those YouTube videos …


Hey @BrianSaban thanks for the feedback/suggestions, we always appreciate it. I have a few suggestions to help you out.

If you enabled homing, there should be a button under the “Machine” tab that’ll allow you to home.

For now, you can use these hotkeys to access the machine inspector (and the command line). ⌘+Shift+D (mac) or Ctrl+Shift+D (windows)

Theres a “Center to Material” button. I’m not sure if thats what you mean or not. It will center whatever is selected to the material

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I don’t see that. How do you enable homing?

@EricDobroveanu I new about the home button, but thanks for the machine inspector shortcut! Now if we only had jog buttons without heading into carve and a touch plate button :angel:

@NAM37 you need to run setup again and enable your homing to see it

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I would agree that a command line somewhere in the vicinity of the Home button would be helpful, as I typically follow $H immediately with a G28…

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think @BrianSaban meant snap your designs to the increments on the grid, rather than eyeballing it or needing to use the X/Y entry fields in the pop up menu.

The machine needs to be on and connected and you need to have $22=1 (homing enabled). Going through http://easel.inventables.com/setup will do all this for you.

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Actually, that was my suggestion, but you are correct, I would like to see a snap to grid where the design snaps to an increment on the work surface grid. There should be button to turn that feature on and off, as needed, as in AutoCad and other Cad programs. I have not seen the centering feature before, but its nice to know that its there.

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I would also like to see the console on the main page. Perhaps it could be optional and enabled as “Advanced User Console” or something. Some mock ups of what I was thinking:

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Excellent suggestion, I have been thinking about that for a while now, even a “machine inspector” shortcut on the main screen would be nice.

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Cmd + Shift + D does that! :wink:


Suh-Weet !!!

DOH! That’s awesome!!