Easel returns to Zero after carving

I am using Fusion 360 to program my 3D toolpaths and in the toolpath generator in F360 it returns to the highest point at the last location and that is it and I verified it in the g code editor. When I ran the program on Easel the spindle retracted then went down and then proceeded to go back to zero which ran into the workpiece fixture. Is there a way to eliminate this as it appears it is an easel issue and cannot be verified in the toolpath generator.


Is the highest point where the path starts as well?

It is difficult to explain so I took screenshots of the two programs. the first is in Fusion360

The second is Easel

You can see in the easel there is a movement from XY zero and this is right where my fixture is for workholding so I cannot have these movements but I have no way of editing them in easel.

it looks like it is something in the post processor. Would it be possible to get a post that retracts in the Z to either the limit to clear clamps or workholding?

it looks that way although it seems like it would logically make sense to retract the Z to zero first nd then move to X,Y zero. This would be similar to the homing sequence where it Z retracts first and then the X/Y movement.

It is a tad frustrating as all my programs are G code generated and I have not been able to run one successful program as of yet so it is a tad discouraging. I have a lot of scrap pieces and broken end mills for stocking stuffers!

thanks for the feedback guys. Phil your a pretty funny guy. it takes quite a bit to offend me so keep the puppy for yourself I already have a coonhound.

It ended up being the safety height in easel so changed that to the same clearance height as I had in F360 and all good.

Thanks for the help… happy carving!

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