Easel running slow when designing

Anyone else having slow Easel issues? Is it my computer? Moving and adjusting things, typing text, all of it takes forever. anyone else having an issue?

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once Easel web page loads, the link to their servers is only used for specific functions: the App Library, The Design Library, and the Extended Font library (the one’s that aren’t already installed). And some of the images that load up in the certain popups. . .

So if it’s going slow, that’s a limitation of the user’s PC. Its usually causes by RAM limitations (too little ram available) or too slow of a processor (or if it’s performing background functions taking up a lot of processing power, like running an antivirus scan) . . .

You can open Windows task manager and see if either of these items are maxed out, or near maxed out. . . Also having a bunch of other browser tabs open will pull ram and most browsers have a max RAM they will self limit to (google chrome is about 6GB or Ram, so If I have youtube open in another tab and playing a video that can effect how fast/slow Easel will run)

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Ill give it a shot. I here playing on a different computer here at work and having the same issues. Typing text is super slow to appear and trying to arrange stuff is also slow.

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I have a dedicated computer running windows 10. I have noticed a slow down while using easel design mode. I will say this has just been going on for about the last 4-6 weeks. I have troubleshooted internet router speeds and only run browser with easel running. No other software is used, except for inkscape and I keep it closed when designing in easel. When I bought the computer, I upgraded to SATA hard drive 5400 which in all other possible uses for the hard drive, is fast enough. It could be RAM issues with size, but Easel is the only software/browser that is giving me issues in design mode. With that said, it would be interesting to know if this is just an issue with a few, or more haven’t mentioned the issue.

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